Belarus Tractor

BELARUS tractors are universal wheeled tractors, designed for agricultural and other works with the use of various attachments, and can also be used as a base chassis for bulldozer-discharging, road cleaning and other equipment.

Tractor “Belarus-82.1” (MTZ-82.1)
Wheeled tractor BELARUS 82.1 (4×4) is a universal agricultural tractor of 1.4 class with 87 h.p. engine and is designed to perform various agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines and implements. In addition, it can be used to perform labor-intensive work in the unit with bulldozers, excavators, loaders, potholes, as well as in special transport work and to drive various stationary agricultural machines.

Tractor “Belarus-892” (MTZ-892)
The BELARUS 892 wheeled multi-purpose tractor belongs to the traction class 1.4 and is designed to perform a wide range of agricultural work – from preparing the soil for sowing to harvesting and transport operations; it can be used in forestry, municipal services, construction and industry. BELARUS 892 – with wheel arrangement (4×4), with 90 hp diesel engine. Transmission with multiplier (accelerating gear), providing 18 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. A gearbox with a standard gearbox can be installed by customer’s order.

Трактор “Беларусь-892” (МТЗ-892)
Колесный универсальный трактор БЕЛАРУС 892 относится к тяговому классу 1.4 и предназначен для выполнения широкого спектра сельскохозяйственных работ – от подготовки почвы к посеву до уборки урожая и транспортных работ; может использоваться в лесном хозяйстве, коммунальном хозяйстве, строительстве и промышленности. БЕЛАРУС 892 – с колесной формулой (4х4), с 90 л.с. дизелем. Трансмиссия с мультипликатором (ускорителем), обеспечивающая 18 передач вперед и 4 передачи назад. Коробка передач со стандартной коробкой передач может быть установлена по желанию заказчика.

Tractor “Belarus-92P” (MTZ-92P)
Tractor BELARUS 92P is designed for aggregation with mounted equipment for various purposes for performing works in industry, construction and municipal services: earthmoving, excavating, loading and unloading, road cleaning, etc.
Distinctive features – reinforced cab frame, opening rear window, plastic cladding of improved design, reinforced clutch body. Heavy duty PVM.
Equipment by oinc. Reverse gearbox. Rear attachments with hydraulic elevator.

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