Belarusian businesses are mastering the ESG standard

ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) stands for Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance. Environmental criteria determine how a company acts as a custodian of nature.

The practice, which has developed over the last 5-7 years, shows that the companies, implementing this standard, are focused on the leading ecological processes. Following the three ESG parameters allows companies to contribute to sustainable development and at the same time to increase the efficiency of their corporate strategy.

At Alivaria Brewery the Carlsberg Group program “Goal 4NOLY: Together for the Future” is being implemented. Its key indicators: zero carbon footprint, zero water loss, zero irresponsible consumption, zero accidents. The brewery strengthens control over energy and heat consumption. Due to the modernization, the latter figure was reduced by 11%, carbon emissions were reduced by 20%, and energy consumption was reduced by the same amount. In parallel with the installation of sensors and other devices, the company does not forget to motivate employees to take eco-initiatives.

In addition, in 2020. “Alivaria, in partnership with the retail chain Green, installed a container for the collection of PET bottles and beer cans in the Scala shopping center. By this time, more than 225 thousand pieces of packaging were collected and sent for recycling.

The green containers familiar to Minsk citizens (there are about 700 of them installed in the capital) are owned by “Belgips-Eco”. They will help to collect about 1,068 tons of waste paper in 2020, while in 2021 – 1,703 tons. “Belgips-Eco” is engaged in recycling tetrapak at the carton factory in Pukhovichi. It produces recovered pulp from it and tries to use it for the production of packing board.

Among the companies that implement ESG standards in Belarus are Sberbank, PepsiCo Belarus, SocioEcoCenter and others. Many environmental initiatives have been implemented for quite a long time and have already gained some popularity. For example, “New life in exchange for lids. The essence of the project is collection of caps from bottles, perfumes and household chemicals with further transfer of recyclable materials to recycling organizations and purchase of medicines, medical supplies and equipment for sick children with the proceeds.

Companies should not wait until the issue of ESG standard is settled at the legislative level. In addition, experts urge companies to be open and more active in sharing experiences. Practice shows that ESG principles are useful for businesses regardless of their scale and field of activity. Their use helps not only to make a profit, but also contributes to formation of special consciousness in society, for which sustainable development is not an empty phrase, Economic newspaper writes.

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