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The leading universities in Belarus have summed up the results of the admission campaign and named the specialties with the greatest competition
The entrance campaign to Belarusian universities ended August 10 with the enrollment in all forms of education.
The enrollment in all forms of studies at all Belarusian universities ended on August 10.
The entrance campaign to Belarusian higher educational institutions ended on August 10 with the enrolment for all forms of study.
Higher educational institutions have summed up its final results, summed up the figures of contests and passing grades by specialty, made conclusions about the number of first-year students. Representatives of the universities shared their successes and told BELTA about who entered the leading universities of the country and with what results.

The Belarusian State University
The total number of 4657 applicants for higher education of the first cycle at Belarusian State University, 2180 of them on a full-time state-financed basis. The competition for places on state financing was 1.7 people per place.
The highest competition among a, who tried to enter was for designers – in the direction of “communicative design” there were 12 applicants for one place.

In order to become a student at BSU in “applied computer science” it was also necessary to try very hard. The average mark for admission was 372 points, for “bioengineering and bioinformatics” – 358 points, for “informatics” – 354 points.

A decent level of knowledge is traditionally required for applicants to BSU in “International Law” – the average score of 374 points, the “study of the world of languages” – 385, “international relations” – 377.

Belarusian National Technical University
Total number of applications to BNTU was 5881: budget – 4386, fee-paying – 1495. Students are 4374 people, 27 of whom are enrolled above the plan, 287 students graduated from secondary schools with a medal or secondary vocational schools with diploma with honors, 10 students graduated from the National Children’s Technology Park on the basis of BNTU, 515 applicants participated in a common competition and have a total score of 300 or higher, 10 people have a hundred-point result on the central tests.

The highest passing scores at BNTU were necessary for admission to the following specialties of full-time budget form of education: “marketing” – 346 points, “customs” – 343, and “architectural design” – 337.3.

Belarusian State Pedagogical University
The admission campaign to 29 specialties of nine faculties and two institutes of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University is over. All in all, 1,160 applicants were enrolled (885 full-time students and 275 part-time students). Of these 172 applicants were graduates of pedagogical classes, 164 were holders of medals and diplomas of secondary special education with honors, about 20% of applicants were graduates of lyceums and gymnasiums. Also 210 applicants are enrolled on the conditions of the target preparation, this is almost a quarter of the total number of first year students of the full-time form of education.

On average, for all specialties the competition for places on state-financed basis was more than two people per place.

In four specialties passing score exceeded 300 points: “Psychology” – 324 points (competition – 4, 1 person per place), “Practical Psychology” – 315 (competition – 2, 7), “speech therapy” – 306 (competition – 2, 1), “Fine Art and Computer Graphics” – 302 (competition – 5 people per place). For four specialties (“History and Social Science Disciplines”, “Russian Language and Literature”, “Russian Language and Literature. The only applicants with entrance privileges without examinations – medallists and holders of college diplomas with honors, graduates of pedagogical classes, winners of subject Olympiads – are enrolled in the four specialties (“History and Social Science Disciplines”, “Russian Language and Literature”, “Foreign Language”, “Recreational and Adaptive Physical Education”).

Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics
All in all, 3.6 thousand people applied to the BSUIR. The average score of the enrolled was 270. At the same time 1523 people came to the university with scores over 300. Among the applicants are also 27 Olympiads and 620 gold medalists. Enrolled in university 3 thousand applicants (in 2021 – 2907).

Traditionally high passing grades were registered at BSUIR. The popular specialty “software of information technologies” for the budget had a passing score of 374, and for the paid form – 330.

On the budget “software of information technology” passing score was 374, in 2021 it was equal to 371, to the specialty “electronic systems” it was necessary to get 272 points.

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