6 Typical Features of Belarusian Character

What makes a Belarusian different from a Russian, Ukrainian or Polish? Of course, by their mentality.

For a long time Belarus was part of the USSR and was influenced by the Soviet culture, but even that could not erase the national traits of the Belarusian character.

To make a “portrait” of a typical Belarusian, you should put aside the stereotypes about the president and the national cuisine, and look at it from a different angle.

We have gathered for you the top 6 interesting and true facts about the Belarusian mentality!
1. Belarusians are compliant
Territorially Belarus is located in the heart of Europe, a feature that played a cruel joke with the Belarusians during the Middle Ages. The neighboring countries were often at war with each other, and at that time Belarus turned into a “staging post” for them. But instead of going to war with uninvited guests, the Belarusians managed to achieve peace at low cost. Centuries later, it was transformed into a national trait: a Belarusian can come to an agreement with anyone and about anything. It is not for nothing that the national anthem begins with the words: “We, Belarusians, are peaceful people.
2. Belarusians are resourceful.
The will is a cunning one! And where a Russian or Ukrainian pass by, a Belarusian is sure to find something useful. It was the Belarusians who invented Viber and World of Tanks, as well as who guessed how to make kissel out of potatoes 🙂 Read more.the Belarusians are hospitable
3. One of the characteristic features of the Belarusians, which is noted by all foreigners – endless kindness. A Belarusian will set the table for you (even if he has no money), will always help for a “thank you” (although he won’t refuse to help in return) and is ready to “give the last shirt” if you ask very much 🙂

4. Belarusians are tolerant
It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what god you believe in, or where you come from. You will be accepted just the way you are. Here among the students you can easily meet a cheerful group of Belarusians, African-Americans and Asians, and a church, a church and a synagogue can stand peacefully in the same square (like in Grodno).

5. Belarusians are hardworking.
Belarusians are the hardest-working people in the CIS. This is not surprising since young Belarusians are cultivated to be responsible and careful with their work since childhood. Belarusians, in general, are not prone to laziness and desire to get as much as possible without making any effort.

6. Belarusians are patriotic.
Despite many difficulties, most Belarusians continue to love and appreciate their country. This is proved by a large-scale research, as a result of which 79% of respondents aged 18 to 70 stated that they feel proud of Belarus and their national belonging.

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